We have expertise of conducting more then thousand surgeries under our guidance. We Have Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi And NCR.
Medhair Transplant Clinic is where we try to turn the most advanced technologies and recent innovation into an effective and efficient instrument to care for our patients. This clinic was established in 2015 to provide international quality services in the field of hair transplant, hair restoration and dermatology.
It has become a hotspot for all the dermatology and hair related treatment in Delhi over the last few years from its inauguration. The credit for all of this goes to the cohesive team which strives to bring out the best patient satisfaction. Treatments like hair implant, hair Transplant, mesotherapy, PRP treatment, synthetic hair transplant and Laser hair stimulation are carried out with world-class technology.
Taking the responsibility of being one of the prominent Baldness Clinic in the national capital of India, Medhair Transplant Clinic puts extra effort towards patient care. In the determined leadership of Dr Sameer Mishra, the team of doctors are instructed to give patients with all the explanations they should know before going ahead with any of the treatments. The doctors that work for the clinic are patient-friendly, as they allow patients to come in their comfort zone so that they can raise their queries over the subject.
Medhair Transplant Clinic is one of the most patient-centric places as the doctors ask their patients about their problems and expectations related to the treatment. This helps the doctors in doing the treatments with the view that it meets the anticipation of the patient.
With the use of streamlined and sophisticated technology, the hairlines are designed in such a way that it completely resembles the natural hair. Dr Sameer Mishra brings in the best kind of hair transplant technology which makes the hair graft immerse easily inside the skin. The doctors make 100% sure that the patients do not face any immunological disorder after the treatment is completed.
The clinic easily being the best hair transplant clinic in South Delhi, believes in showing the quality everywhere. The ambience of the clinic is designed keeping the amenity of the patients at priority. The staffs of the clinic work in coordination with the patient religiously to solve their problems and play an important part in completing the cycle of patient care.