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Non Surgical Hair Replacement (Patch/ Wig) in Delhi NCR

it is very common now days people are facing the Hair Fall or Baldness problem in their life. There are so many factor which can lead to Hair loss or Baldness, some common factor are genetic male pattern baldness, stress, busy life style, unhealthy food, pollution, now days it is very easy way to treat your baldness problem, which can help you to get your old look in just 2 hours only . Hair Replacement System (Patch/Wig) in Delhi & NCR is most common and easy way to cover the baldness or Male pattern baldness in male or Female. In this system person can get his look within 2 hours without any side effect or pain ,No Cut, No invasive  procedure required .This baldness treatment option is recommended in conditions where the possibility of hair restoration through surgical procedures and medication is not possible. In Medhair Clinic we try to suggest the best and possible option after understanding Clients requirement   regarding his needs like hairstyle, density and purpose, best look and at affordable cost in Delhi.

Hair Replacement Methods

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding is a creative way of combining human hair with your natural hair to give it a natural look.

  • By looking into the hair bonding procedure, one may get entire natural hair.

  • Hair Bondingprocessis soft silicon glue is used on the affected areas of the scalp to fix the hair system.

  • After that, it is merged with the already existing hair.

  • It will save lots of your time and make you comfortable for whole day and easy for you to do work without any hassle.

  • It stay at least 20-30 days depending upon the weather.

Hair Clipping

Medhair provides brown, black, and skin colour hair system clips to assist you reach a good-looking solution when it comes to securing your hair system or other clip-on hair additions.

  • It’s only temporary since you can take it off and put it back on whenever you want at home.

  • They are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, and large.

  • Simply clip them onto your hair whenever you want and you’re good to go.

  • It also has no negative effects or side-effects on your own hair.

  • The clips are mostly used for securing the hair extensions. When you need to wear your hair system for a few hours, this is what you need.


Hair weaving is one of the oldest methods of attachment in the industry. A track is made using ones existing hair and hair system is sewn onto that track for support.

  • Non-surgical procedure of Hair Replacement. Hence anyone can have this procedure regardless of any medical conditions.

  • Cheapest way of Hair replacement to get a natural look.

  • Immediate results will be shown as it's a non-surgical procedure.

  • All bald area will be covered regardless of the baldness positions.

  • Fast procedure and you can have full hair in short span of time.

  • Add more volume and length to the hair.

Fully Tapping

Tapes are a form of permanent hair extension that consists of a 4cm wide weft of hair with a sticky tab connected to the hair at the top.

  • The tape extensions are held together using a light medical glue similar to that used in plasters and other medical forms.

  • To cover the adhesive side of the tape, paper tabs are used which one needs to peel away when you’re ready to use it.

  • The sticky tab can be removed and re-taped with each usage.

  • This procedure is not only quick and easy but also cost effective.

  • Medhair offers tape-in hair extensions in a variety of lengths and colors.

Benefits of Hair Replacement

Why Choose us

Our major goal at Medhair Clinic is to propose the finest and most appropriate treatment for a patient after learning about their concerns and needs surrounding Baldness, as well as the best look and pricing which will be best for his needs and fulfill his requirement in terms of looks, Quality of the hair, Pocket friendly in Delhi. Please contact us and let us know what your concern.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

This system Does not involved Any Surgery, No Pain, Instant Results, Old look in Just 2 Hours.

Easy to use

Hair Replacement system is very easy to use . In this Client can remove whenever he want to do so.

Natural Results

These Hair Patch will merge in such a manner so No one can judge you that you are using any additional things

Low maintenance & Ready to wear

It's very easy to wear patches & Clippings compared to the surgical way of Hair replacement.

Affordable price

At Medhair we always tries to understand the requirement of Client and suggest him best and possible way to come out with his Hair problems at most affordable cost.

Easy EMI Option

We also supports EMI options for you to get the hair Replacement.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Hair replacement is best and fastest method which can help you to get your old look in Just 2 hours. without any pain and surgery. It will enhance your personality in such way you will see your old look and feel confident.  In Hair replacement there are different method for fixing the patch with your scalp is Hair Bonding, Hair Clipping, Hair Weaving, Fully tapping All the glues and tapes are used which is completely safe So No side effect at all for any Hair Replacement in Delhi.

No. because it does not involved any surgical procedure. No pain, No cut. All the processes that are applied by Medhair are external and hence there remains no chance of side-effects. Different types of glue or tapes are used, but they have no-side effect..

Yes, you can choose any Hair style as per your choice . at Medhair we try to give the best and possible Hair style which suits on your face and enhance your look and look natural.

There are 4 method we applied at Medhair

  • Hair Bonding
  • Hair Clipping
  • Hair Weaving
  • Fully Taping


Hair replacement system does not involve any kind of surgery so there is no pain or harm to your existing hair or skin.

It is very common question which people ask Hair Patch life depends upon the clients maintenance as minimum life of Patch is 6 months to 1 year mostly  Depending upon their styling and care.

Cost of Patch depends upon the number of factor

  • Base Quality
  • Hair Texture
  • Quality of Hair

 At Medhair we try to keep the cost reasonable

Hair replacement procedure is very time efficient process and the quickest one also, it takes only 1 hour to make you bald to bold.

Yes, you can do your daily chores with this patch, you can do gymming, swimming and riding also and don’t worry it won’t fall off

The best ways to maintain your hair wigs or other hair extension pieces are as follows: · Brush or comb your hair patch with a gentle hand. · Wash your hair wig with Non-Chemical shampoo and apply conditioner. · Use serum and leave-in conditioner for fixing your hair. · Use a hairdryer if required. · visit our hair wig center in 4-6 weeks duration for maintenance and care

Get One Step Clossure to feel confident again

Consult now to explore the various options of Hair transplantation and Hair Replacement with our experienced Phycians.


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