Hair Transplant

Outgrow Your Hairs With Our Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques​

Hair Transplant is a Surgical Procedure in which we extract Grafts from back side of the head and implant on bald area. Hair transplant can be adopted by both males and females as baldness is a growing problem in both. Due to increased stress and bad environment, male pattern baldness is quite common these days.

Hair Transplant is an effective way out for people suffering from baldness. This helps the new hair to grow naturally. It is lot quicker than the other treatments for the growth of new hair. Hair Transplant is very common Surgery in Delhi & NCR.

Hair Transplant Techniques in Medhair

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

Follicular units are removed one by one without cuts and implanted in the area to be repopulated.

  • No Visible Scarring Even In Trimmed Hair

  • Donor area from where the hair is removed looks unaffected and unchanged as of 2 weeks after the treatment

  • Procedure Done Under Local Anesthesia

  • Post- Treatment Care is Simple

  • Complete Recovery in 7 to 10 Days

Follicular unit Extraction using strip (FUT or FUSS):

FUT is an aggressive technique, a scalp strip is cut from the nape of the neck.

  • Highly invasive Procedure

  • Can lead to Big Scar. From one Ear to Another Ear

  • Take More than 15 Days to Heal

  • Possibility of Permanent nerve Damage

  • Pain in donor Area


DHI is a variation of FUT in which hair is planted directly in the region in the DHI hair transplant process.

  • Extraction and implantation is done at same time

  • The damage rate of grafts is 1% to 2% only

  • Grafts remain outside of body 15 to 30 minutes

  • No visible scarring even in trimmed hair

  • Donor area from where the hair is removed looks unaffected and unchanged as of 2 weeks after the treatment

  • Procedure done under local anesthesia

  • Post- Treatment care is simple

  • Complete recovery in 7 to 10 days

Why You Need Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is required when you are facing the Male Patterns Baldness or Frontal  Hair Line is receding. The following are benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

Why Choose us

Our endeavor is to satisfy each and every patient by providing them best possible results. So far we have been successful in achieving this goal.

01. Design of Hair line

02. Direction of Hair

03. Density that make you

04. 4000+ Surgery Performed

05. 17+ Years of Experience

06. Easy EMI option

Before & After Transformation

Let’s check out some of our clients restoring their hairs back with our advanced and trusted Hair Transplant services.

Your Questions, Our Answers

It is most common and important question which everybody wants to know when can I get the results. But we need to understand that Hair Transplant is surgical process we need to wait for 6 to 9 months to see the Full Results. Hair Transplant Surgery will give good density and naturally looking  hair for long term.

Hair Transplant Surgery is very safe and painless process as surgery is performed under local anesthesia and under the guidance of Dr. Sameer Mishra.

Medhair Clinic was started in 2016 with the vision of providing affordable and effective treatment options for Hair Restoration. The clinic has so far provide satisfactory services to hundreds of patients. The clinic is being run under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Sameer Mishra ( MBBS MD ). Dr. Sameer Mishra has been practicing dermatology and trichology for the past 18 years, after doing his MD in 2002. His first clinic was established in North Delhi which has catered to thousands of patients of skin & Hair diseases. In Medhair we specialize in FUE and DHI techniques for Hair Transplant. Our endeavor is to satisfy each and every patient by providing them best possible results. So far we have been successful in achieving this goal. Dr Sameer has worked as chief Hair Transplants Specialist with Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic From year 2008 to 2018. He was instrumental in establishing the hair transplant center at Berkowits Hair & Skin Cinic.He has also established the dermatology department and Chandiwala Medical Institute and Alshifa Hospital.

Yes Hair Transplant works successfully, for this you need to Consult with experienced Doctor with years of expertise in the field.

The procedure will work for you it depends on the Surgeon having good experience in the same field .It has be performed BY  an experienced surgeon with a hair transplant specialization only. Dr Sameer Mishra has the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi & NCR. Dr Sameer Mishra has 18+ Year of Experience in Hair & Skin Treatments.

While undergoing the hair transplant in Delhi & NCR, always ensure that you first get a thorough examination from the consulting surgeon before you undergo the actual procedure.

Hair Transplant Can be perform when you are facing the baldness issue in any area of head but the following factors decide

  • Minimum age is 18 Years
  • Minimum Grade of Baldness is type 2
  • Frontal Hair Line Receding
  • Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Transplant Cost Depends upon the Number of Factors, Such as Grafts, Condition of Hair, Body Hair, Beard Hair, at Medhair we tries to Cost very minimum which Starts From Rs 30,000 to 90,000 

Yes.Hair Transplant gives you the permanent solution of baldness.

If you have your own existing Hair in Front, Crown, Top area then you should continue Medicine.Transplanted Hair will not fall but your existing Hair can be Fall to Avoid the same condition you should Consult with Doctor.  

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