All about hair transplant and its techniques.

Hair transplantation consists of bringing follicular units from the donor area (usually the nape of the neck) to the parts where there is no longer hair. In this way it will grow again and without risk of rejection for the patient. Today, thanks to technological advances in the area of ​​hair transplantation, it is possible to recover the density and the lost hair line.

Hair transplantation must be performed by our experienced medical team that uses high-precision motorized technology and equipment in our Best hair transplant clinic. In order to restore hair density in those areas where hair loss is irreversible.

However, the final result of the transplant depends essentially on the quality of the follicular material, the equipment used and the degree of specialization of our professionals who perform it. Hair transplantation is a painless, simple and safe procedure, with the guarantee that the results will be effective and natural, if you take treatment from Best hair transplant clinic in South Delhi.  As long as the intervention is performed by our professionals and with the right equipment, it will never leave scars. The results will be of quality and the execution will be achieved quickly.

What techniques for a hair graft can we access today?

Basically the hair implant consists of obtaining hair follicles from areas in which the hair does not fall to implant them in those others in which it has fallen (nape and / or sides of the head). It will retain all its strength and thickness characteristics and will never be lost. We are going to talk about the four methods most used today for hair transplants. We provides one of the best technique to our patients. You Can Also Visit at our Best hair transplant clinic in kamla Nagar, we assure you to give best result.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Follicular units are removed one by one without cuts and implanted in the area to be repopulated. It does not leave scars, it is minimally bothersome and it requires Local anaesthesia, except for light sedation. It is done in such a way that the areas from which the transplanted hair is extracted maintain their appearance in terms of capillary density. Depending on the extent of the area to be repopulated, several sessions may be necessary, in each of which transplants around the 4,000 hair follicles. We used this technique when hair loss is limited, affecting small areas, or to increase hair density in those areas where there is an obvious lightening of the hair.

Extraction of follicular units with a strip (FUT or FUSS): it is a more aggressive technique, since a scalp strip approximately 20 centimeters long and 1 wide is cut from the nape of the neck. Then it is cut into small pieces and the hair follicles are implanted in groups in the area to be repopulated. In each session, between 1,500 or 3,000 follicles are implanted. We used this technique for cases of alopecia that affects large areas of the scalp at our Best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Occasionally, this technique is complemented with a session of FUE, in order to obtain follicles from the sides of the scalp.

DHI method procedure: The first step in the flocking procedure, which is performed using Choi implants, is to insert the follicle at the end of the implant with great care not to damage the hair follicles. The follicle is gently inserted into the hollow needle at the end of the implant and sent to a specialist. The needle is then inserted into the scalp at a precise 40-45 degree angle, and when the new site is open through the incision, push down to implant the graft. During the procedure, usually 2 to 6 chai implants and about 15 to 16 needles are used simultaneously. The device has different needle sizes to fit the follicle depending on the follicle. We provide this technique at Best hair transplant clinic in ROHINI.

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